Samsung UE40C6000 LCD Television

Published: 27th May 2011
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This TV has been equipped with all the latest technologies that Samsung has developed, ensuring a brilliant viewing experience.

Exclusive for this LCD Television is Metabrain, as most recent introduced TV engineering. It is a chip that is unparalleled for the purpose of processing and checking the television's subprograms. Features such as Function AutoView, Active Picture, Resolution plus and Dolby Volume are monitored features for efficiency.

However, when you power on the set you will find that the logo on the set will light up and this is a cute and interesting feature that adds to the attractiveness of the set. However, in case you don't like the illuminated logo it is easy to use the menu to switch it off.

The image fluidity, high definition and the depth colour which is an incredible feature will bring the life-like cinema in your place. With 1080P Full HD and 100Hz, audio and picture quality are superbly blended delivered in a slim set package.

The truly unique and pleasing aspect to this model is that it comes with a 100 Hz processing which with the Active Vision M100 HD Pro engine (proprietary to Samsung) ensure that you get crystal clear images that will not blur even when the set is displaying moving images. The colors are quite spectacular and the contrast is excellent as well. There is also a feature known as Resolution+ which is something that no other manufacturer offers in sets that have such low cost prices.

The Samsung also contains first rate connectivity, all of the standard connections are attached to the TV, e. G. SCART, RCA, Component and Composite. In addition to this the TV also contains four HDMI connections along with a Digital audio out connection for digital sound and a PC input if you have media on your PC that you would like to play.

But you won't get some of the all time favorites that most TVs have. The Samsung UE40C6000 does not have a picture in picture option, it doesn't have a built in DVD player, a sleep timer, or an on/off timer, and a few others. The vast majority of TVs, these days, have all of those components built into them, and most other Samsung TVs come with a built-in Samsung DVD player (top of the line for DVD players). That means, as compared to other TVs, there's a lot of holes, but that could be a good thing, if you're not one to use those aspects.

The Samsung UE40C6000 has a refresh rate of 200Hz that means that the TV shows 200 frames every second. The TV creates 150 of frames itself. A general TV picture contains 50 frames per second so the Samsung makes copies the picture frames and then adds blank black frames in between them.

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